Accommodation options for students

Published 7 Dec 20231 min read

Accommodation options for students

Accommodation options vary according to your destination, city and the university you will be studying at.

Accommodation options vary according to your destination, city and the university you will be studying at. In general, there 3 main options available for students:

University-owned accommodation

These are university-owned accommodations. The university handles everything from administration, management, and reservation. The payment is made directly to the university. 

Host families

Host families are local families that provide a room for students to stay in and sometimes meals. Host families are more affordable. However, it is important to understand that living with host families means respecting their rules.

Independent rent

independent can be an apartment or a common house. You can live alone with roommates. Of course, having a roommate is less expensive than renting the whole palace alone. Out of the three options, this option is the most expensive, but it offers more flexibility for students.

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