Mastering the UK Study Procedures in 3 Months: Your Ultimate Guide!

Published 10 Feb 2024

Mastering the UK Study Procedures in 3 Months: Your Ultimate Guide!

Many students don’t know about the whole process of studying abroad procedures or how much time it takes to complete them. Today, we are here to tell you about these procedures and how you can do them in 3 months! 

  1. University Procedures: 

The first step to take in this procedure is to ask you for your academic documents (your diploma, school certificate, transcript…) so that we send them for translation. Then, we fill out your University Application Form and transfer it to your chosen university.

It will take about 2 days to get a reply if you’re applying for a pathway, and about 2 weeks if you’re applying for direct admission. It may take longer depending on the period you are applying in; If it’s the peak season then it will take a longer time. 

  1. Conditions: 

Generally, in this step, you will get an unconditional offer from the university 

Now, we just have to check whether you meet all conditions, such as a good level in English. In this step, you can deposit your first payment to the university to secure your spot in it.

After that, we continue to work on the rest of the conditions (such as the IELTS test) so that you get your unconditional offer from the university. 

Once that is done, you can now request your CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies), which is most necessary in your Visa Application. To get your CAS statement, you MUST deposit your first payment to the university. 

It will take you about 3 weeks to get your CAS, it also depends on the period you are applying in. 

  1. Bank Account : 

The bank account is a very crucial condition 

You’ll need an escrow bank statement with an amount of money which dates up to 28 days minimum. It is a very important condition as it represents 10 points in your visa application. Plus, they might request it from you in the CAS statement. 

  1. VISA Request: 

With the translated documents, the CAS and your bank statement in hand, we start working on your visa request: we fill up the form for you, prepare your files and book your appointment 

  1. VISA Deposit:  

Now all you need to do is collect your documents from our office and attend your appointment at TLS. You will receive an answer in an average of 3 to 4 weeks, but you can get your answer in about 1 week if you use the priority.

All these procedures take around 3 months to complete, however, it can take less and it can take longer depending on many factors. Of course, the sooner you start the procedures the better! 

Ready to start your study abroad journey?

Our experienced team of advisors are here to help your dream come true. We have assisted hundreds of students in all their procedures from start to end. Book a free orientation session to learn more.

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