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UK Lockdown Ends on July 19, What Happens Next

Since the spread of the virus, the UK has made massive efforts to control the situation and get things back to normal again. The UK government followed an effective roadmap to manage the risks of COVID through cautious measures and intensive vaccination programs all over the country. (52.2% of the total population are fully vaccinated). Therefore, legal lockdown restrictions will end on July 19, as PM Johnson said. How will life be after Freedom Day? Let’s find out together.

What’s changing in the UK

The UK will be among the very first countries to lift COVID restrictions and return to normal starting from Thursday, July 19. This decision was made after the government confirmed they successfully moved to the fourth and final stage of their lockdown roadmap. British PM Johnson states that COVID will become the virus that "we learn to live with as we already do with flu".

Therefore, UK big changes to COVID restrictions are the following:

  • Social distancing rules will be totally removed across the country.

  • Restrictions on larger events, such as sports, concerts, theatres and weddings, will be lifted. You can now enjoy yourself at festivals and have fun with your amazing new friends!

  • People currently working from home can return to their workplace gradually without directly rushing into the office.

  • Face masks are no longer mandatory. However, it is still recommended in overcrowded public areas, such as public transport and enclosed spaces, as a personal responsibility.

  • Face-to-face teaching will be allowed in higher education.

  • No quarantine for fully vaccinated people after returning from amber-list countries.

How about international students?

The UK government makes sure all students equally get the best education that would prepare them for a rewarding career.

With the COVID restrictions end on July 19, international students can easily travel to the UK and have access to one of the most prestigious UK universities.

Students will also be able to do in-depth research in large libraries and benefit from different utilities whenever they want. When they are free, they can visit the best museums and galleries in the UK or travel and explore the country with all its beauty with their native and international friends.

Although the global pandemic is not over yet, the UK is firmly progressing through the lockdown roadmap thanks to government guidance and the successful rollout of the vaccination programme.

You can now enjoy life in the UK and get the full study abroad experience with SA Global.

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